Frequently Asked Questions

General Shotski Questions

It's actually quite simple. According to Urban Dictionary, a shot ski is made by 'taking an old ski and gluing 4 [or 5] shot glasses to the top, allows for 4 [or 5] people to take a shot at the same time.' For the most part, they're right, but we don't think permanently-altering your ski is necessary to have a shotski. Long story short, shot skis are an integral part of apres ski culture, the perfect tools for turning up any party.

No one truly knows. Myths and legends abound, but still no definitive answer has been found. For an in-depth review of the legends surrounding who invented the Shotski, check out this article.

Very simple - get yourself a Sendy Shot Ski Kit and strap 'em to your favorite pair of skis - ask your friends to join you. Fill the shot glasses with your favorite spirit, hold the ski steady with your friends by your side, and tip it back together to take a shot[ski].

There's no official designated length of a shotski. It ultimately depends on how many friends you want to take a shot[ski] with at one time. Typically shot skis use four or five shot glasses, evenly spaced anywhere between 18 and 24 inches apart, so skis with a 170cm length or greater work best. With the Sendy Shot Ski kit, you can use as few as one and as many as 4-5 shot straps per ski depending on its length. Customize and change your configuration in seconds since the straps are completely removable.

With the Sendy Shot Ski kit, you can space the shot glasses in whatever distance you want - they're completely removable. Use as many straps at one time as you'd like. We recommend no more than four unless you've got some monster powder sticks. The optimal spacing between shot glasses is 18 to 24 inches.