About Us

We created Sendy Ski Co for two reasons. Okay, more than two, but we're only going to give you two.

To revolutionize ski culture and to give you the tools to get sendy with your friends and family whenever, wherever.

Our mission is to press the boundaries of the definition of full send. We're here to create innovative tools to enhance your ski and après experience.

Our first product is the Sendy Shot Ski Kit, designed to be the perfect addition to your ski quiver and portable enough to accompany you on all of your skiing adventures.

Technically we founded Sendy Ski Co in 2019, but then ski season hit, so we'll go with 2020. Yes, the year that brought us global crises and early ski season closures across the USA. Silver lining? Perfect time to launch and give y'all a reason to keep those skis out before storing for good.

We're a [very] small business. We're passionate about skiing, the outdoors, and maximizing fun with family and friends. We hope our products will be there with you in the most epic times.  

We hope to see you out there getting sendy!


Sendy Shot Ski Kit Logo